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2022e21 – Rowers Choice Podcast – Mike Wallin – CRF

2022e21 – Rowers Choice Podcast – Mike Wallin – Chicago Rowing Foundation.

Mike Wallin is not your average rowing coach. Mike got his start with St Joes Prep when he was looking for something to do to stay in shape for basketball. After rowing at Prep for Philly legend Bill Lamb, he rowed at Cal for the legendary Steve Gladstone.

Now Mike is building his own incredible career in Chicago. When Mike showed up in Chicago, the team didnt look like it does now. He strategically grew the team, rowing primarily 8s, with a unique practice philosophy of less meters, but more power. Coming off a win in the Womens 8 at Youth Nationals, we interviewed Mike as he was prepping to take the U19 US National team Womens 8+ to the world championships. [Spoiler Alert: They won that race too]. Do not miss this podcast with Mike Wallin!