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2022e22 – Rowers Choice Podcast – John Fife – St Joes Prep

2022e22 – Rowers Choice Podcast – John Fife

John Fife wasn’t the biggest and fastest kid at The Prep, but he was consistent, always working hard, and didnt miss his opportunity when it presented itself. After being introduced to rowing at The Prep, Coach Fife went on to Penn and eventually law school at Rutgers. While at law school, Coach Fife got hooked on coaching and from there made it his career. After a successful stint at Jesuit Prep in Dallas, he is now back at his alma-mater, leading them to major wins in the last couple years.

Coach Fife and Alex talk about his approach and practices leading up to some of the biggest races, as well as the importance of taking some time away to renew the drive each season.