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Boat Strap Math

A strap that we took off a boat headed to us.  This is not a good strap to use. Throw this away!

WARNING:  This article contains high school level algebra.

We have a pretty simple philosophy on boat straps and this article will break it down for you into two simple sections.

  1. The Math – Trailer and Strap Math and Budgeting
  2. Our Conclusions –

THE MATH – Trailer and Strap Math and Budgeting.

Let’s start by figuring some basic numbers.

  • New 8+’s range from $35,000 to $55,000 depending on the manufacturer.
  • Lets say the average new 8+ is $45,000.
  • New boat straps range from $8 to $15.

How’s your high school algebra? Do the math with me:

We are assuming:

  • Most people put 3 straps on an 8+ and 2 straps on a 4+, 2x, and 1x when trailering.

The Math for a 4 rack tall trailer typically means:

  • SIX 8+’s
  • SIX 4+’s

[[3 straps per 8+] x [six 8+’s]] + [[2 straps per 4+] x [six 4+’s]] = 30 straps
30 new straps x $10 = $300

$300 is 0.66% of $45,000 [remember, this is the cost of a new boat].

5 rack trailer? 
5 racks high [typically] equals a maximum of nine 8+’s and six 4+’s or 39 straps.

[[3 straps per 8+] x [nine 8+’s]] + [[2 straps per 4+] x [six 4+’s]] = 39 straps.
39 new straps x $10 = $390

$390 is 0.86% of $45,000

Our Conclusion

You might think we are nuts.  We operate a repair shop and rely on broken boats to make our business run, but believe it or not, we STRONGLY recommend budgeting for a trailer full of new straps each year.  Yep. ALL NEW. 40 of them.

If you drive a trailer with 15 boats loaded on board, you are likely driving a trailer that is worth at least $250,000.  In my mind, spending $390 on new straps each year, should be almost a no brainer.  Keep some straps as extras, or back ups, but if there are any straps that look even slightly like this pictures, cut the buckle off [so no one tries to use them] and THROW THEM AWAY.

Its simply not worth the risk of driving a trailer with a broken or cut strap.