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Events & Shows

Rowers Choice is on a mission to lead, develop and innovate in the sport of rowing.  We use podcasts, recorded shows, live shows and other events to bring education, innovation, enjoyment and entertainment to rowing.

Rowers Choice Podcast

Where were you and how old were you when you took your first rowing stroke?

Alex DelSordo hosts our flagship podcast and starts every episode the same way.

Coaches, Athletes, and Rowing leaders have all been a part of this podcast.

In this podcast we tell the stories of rowing coaches, athletes and leaders from around the country, learning about how they got their start and why they row.  Be sure to check out all of our episodes!

Free Speed
with Brooke Mooney

What is the most important part of the stroke?What is your favorite drill or part of practice?
What wins races?

Olympian Brooke Mooney sits down for quick conversations with elite athletes and coaches to find out their answers to each of these questions!

Rowers Choice LIVE

Rowers Choice Live is a unique opportunity to listen to and meet with some of the top coaches in college rowing.  Rowers Choice brings two or three college coaches together to discuss what it is like to make the transition from high school to college rowing.  Hosted by Alex DelSordo, we talk with coaches about each coach’s background, obstacles they have had to overcome and their coaching style/philosophy.  We discuss the recruiting process, what to expect in academics and what the change from high school to college rowing truly looks like

Coaches Yelling

This show is one of our favorites and a staple during COVID. 
Four coaches debate a variety of rowing related topics and try to ‘Win’ each debate.

Olympians from the US, England, South America, and Australia, plus Coaches from Duke, Cal, Notre Dame, plus many more all participated!

Premier Rowing League

Founded in 2020, the Premier Rowing League combines traditional on the water rowers with crossfit athletes and indoor rowing.  These athletes compete in teams over a variety of unique distances.  Races are primarily shorter, and include some interval racing as well.

Seasons 1 and 2 were pretty similar, but Season 3 has some big changes on the horizon!

Race Day Coverage

Rowers Choice is bringing new energy and insights to regattas.  Partnering with US Rowing, Rowers Choice went live each morning, midday and evening of Youth Nationals to discuss and breakdown the competition.  This level of coverage has never been more important to rowing.  

Alex, Zach and Brooke talk about the spring season, the training needed to win a Youth National Championship, and the results as they happen.  At the completion of the regatta, Alex and Brooke stand at the medal stand and talk to the athletes about their races and results.

Inside Turn

Rowers Choice has partnered with coxswain Izzi Weiss and her company Inside Turn to bring valuable tips and tricks to coxswains looking to step up their game! Tune in each week to find out Izzi’s latest blog, coaching video or interview!

Swigs ‘n Rigs

Everyone has done it.  We love to sit around and debate the ins and outs of how boats should be rigged.  

Do you adjust the oar, or do you adjust the rigger?  

Should coaches adjust rigging on race day?

Come have a beer with us and discuss.

Boat Speed

Let’s break it down. Who was fast last weekend? Who didn’t show up as expected? Did weather play a factor?

Rowers Choice Pier Pressure

In 2022 Rowers Choice made the decision to jump into hosting a race.  We recognize that there are plenty of erg races that exist, so we wanted to focus on making one that was different, and memorable.

Our race is straight forward.  The music was loud and there were only 4 junior categories.

Freshman Women and Men, Youth Women and Men.  4 divisions, only 4 winners.  The winners of the Freshman 2k, and Youth 2k all received a custom 6’ tall carbon trident.

We can not wait to do it again in 2023!

Man on the Beach

Man of the beach is a chance for viewers to get to know some of the athletes, coaches and families watching regattas.  Walking up and down the shoreline of major races, Alex will grab event organizers, sponsors and coaches to get an insight into what they are experiencing as the races come down the race course behind them!

Argue with Alex

What is the best fall regatta?  Best boat to race?  Better race- Harvard v. Yale or Washington v. Cal?

Live and unscripted, this is hilarious! Come join in the fun and argue with Alex!