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“Feet-Out” Rowing

Novice Coach Resources “Feet out rowing” is a technique used in rowing where rowers remove their feet from the shoes, rest their feet on the footboard, and continue to row. Feet out rowing is primarily used for skill development and improving specific aspects of rowing technique. It is not used during racing or for extended […]

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Breaking down the Pause Drill

This article is part of our series ‘Novice Coach Resources‘. The Pause Drill is a fundamental rowing drill used to improve technique by pausing at specific points in the rowing stroke to emphasize proper positioning and sequencing. This drill is suitable for both novice and experienced rowers. This is one of the best rowing drills […]

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Coaching the Fall Novice Coxswain

The novice coxswain is a terrifying yet necessary individual. Some coxswains will come to the boathouse ready to call power tens and others will not be sure why their tall friend dragged them there. I have yet to meet a coxswain who showed up to steer well and help keep everyone safe. The most important […]

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