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The traditional view of vulnerability in sports is that it’s a sign of weakness to be avoided at all costs. However, this narrow-minded thinking ignores the tremendous potential of embracing vulnerability and neglecting it can lead to severe consequences. By opening up and sharing our fears, struggles, and failures, athletes can unlock their full potential, achieve greater success, and find greater fulfilment in their athletic pursuits and lives. On the other hand, neglecting vulnerability can lead to burnout, stress, mental health issues, and decreased motivation. Vulnerability is not just about exposing one’s weaknesses; it’s about acknowledging and embracing our humanity. In sports, it means being honest about the challenges and obstacles that come with competition and using them as opportunities for growth and development. By embracing vulnerability, athletes can overcome their fears, tackle challenges head-on, and reach new heights in their performance. Neglecting vulnerability, on the other hand, can lead to a false sense of invincibility, which can hinder growth and progress. Read full article here. Interested in more Rowers Choice and rowing content?  Click here to learn about these rowing coaches and their rowing teams.