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We are Rowing’s Story Tellers.

Our mission is to elevate the sport and change the lives of rowers around the world. We are in restless pursuit to move rowing forward in a direction that is authentic and socially impactful.
Through storytelling and entertainment, we promote traditional flat-water rowing, indoor rowing, and Cross Fitters and we seek to disrupt the status quo.
We are a consortium of Finish Line Rowing, Pocock Racing, Leonard Insurance and The Premier Rowing League.


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ADHD and Adult Rowers

One would hope that  rowers with ADHD have gotten the help they need by now to learn how to manage their time and impulsiveness. The unfortunate truth is that many youth athletes with ADHD receive only negative feedback because they have difficulty learning rules and strategies. This frustrates teammates and coaches. Older athletes with ADHD […]

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Synchronizing your body.

Coordination is the integration of the central nervous system’s processes of speed, strength, endurance, and flexibility. To improve your rowing, you must learn to perform the stroke in consistent patterns. Adapting to higher stroke rates and being able to make subtle adjustments in your stroke to stabilize the hull or clean up bladework can be […]

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