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The pre-season rankings for the 2023 Junior Rowing Rankings has been released!

2023 Junior Womens 8+ Pre Season Rankings

  1. Row America Rye
  2. Winter Park Crew
  3. Greenwich Crew
  4. Saugatuck Rowing
  5. Marin Crew
  6. Cincinnati Juniors Rowing Club
  7. New Trier
  8. St. Andrew
  9. Chicago Rowing Foundation
  10. CRI
  11. Holy Names
  12. Sarasota Crew

2023 Junior Mens 8+ Pre Season Rankings

  1. St. Joes Prep
  2. Greenwich Crew
  3. Row America Rye
  4. New Trier Rowing
  5. Saugatuck Rowing
  6. Marin Crew
  7. PNRA / Mercer Rowing
  8. CRI
  9. Oakland Strokes Crew
  10. Sarasota Crew
  11. St. Louis Crew
  12. Gonzaga Prep Crew

Spring of 2022, Rowers Choice launched the first ever Junior Rowing Rankings for Boys and Girls 8+s. The rankings spanned from March to June and included more than 20 boys and girls coaches from around the country. The rankings concluded at the Youth National Championship in Sarasota where our coaches correctly projected the top 6 girls finisher and five of six on the boys sides.

This year we are excited to expand the polling to include 10 more coaches bringing the polling committee to 30 coaches from around the country.

Rowers Choice has projected the initial rankings for the season and the coaches poll #1 will be released on March 15, 2023.

What you need to know about the Junior Rowing Rankings:

What it is:
We are ranking the top 12 Junior Mens 8+’s and the top 12 Junior Womens 8+s.
The ranking season will start March 1 and rankings will be released every two weeks.

The first ranking will be provided by Rowers Choice and will be based on the results from HOCR 2022 and some early season races. The first coaches poll will be released on March 15, 2023.

Pre Season Rankings – March 1
Ranking #1 – March 15
Ranking #2 – March 29
Ranking #3 – April 12
Ranking #4 – April 26
Ranking #5 – May 10
Ranking #6 – May 24
Ranking #7 – June 7
Final Rankings June 14 – Results based on Youth National Results